2016 Recorded Q & A Sessions

February 4 
Prehistoric Decisions Preserved in Artifacts
Distinguished Lecturer: Todd Surovell
Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Wyoming
Topics: Determining the factors that structure the archaeological record, from human decision making to site formation.

February 23
Playing Sports in Hyperbolic Space
Distinguished Lecturer: Richard Canary
Professor of Mathematics, University of Michigan
Topics: Hyperbolic sports and the geometrization of 3-dimensional spaces

March 23
The Social Organization of Innovative Scientific Groups

Distinguished Lecturer: Edward Hackett 
Professor, Arizona State University 
Topics: Making science useful; peer review and the conduct of science

April 7
New Strategies to Curb Bacterial Infections
Distinguished Lecturer: Herman Sintim
Professor, Purdue University
Topics: New strategies to curb bacterial infections; the bacterial resistance problem

April 19
The Promise of 2D Materials
Distinguished Lecturer: Michael Spencer 
Professor Department of Electrical Engineering, Cornell University 
Topics: Graphene and 2D materials

May 2
Searching for the Chemical Origins of Life
Distinguished Lecturer: Nicholas Hud
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology 
Topics: Experimental Investigations of the origin and early evolution of life; a self-assembly approach to the origin of RNA

May 31
The Mathematics of Crime

Distinguished Lecturer: Andrea Bertozzi
Betsy Wood Knapp Chair for Innovation and Creativity and Professor of Mathematics, University of California at Los Angeles 
Topics: Image processing and large data analysis; swarming by nature and by design; mathematics in the real and imaginary world

June 28
When and Why Organisms Help One Another
Distinguished Lecturer: Lee Dugatkin 
Professor of Biology, University of Louisville
Topics: The evolution of goodness; when natural history and history collide

December 13
Meet One of the Few Researchers Registered to Study Cannabis 
Distinguished Lecturer: George Weiblen 
Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Plant Biology Interim Scientific Director, Bell Museum of Natural History University of Minnesota