Chapter Subsidy

The Society offers modest subsidies for chapters in need of financial assistance to host a visit by a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer. In awarding such funds, the Committee gives priority to those chapters that show evidence of being able to derive the greatest possible benefit from a visit by a Distinguished Lecturer. In determining which chapters should receive subsidies, the Committee carefully reviews each chapter's application including budget information, location, institution size and opportunity to coordinate the visit with other chapters. 

Application Process

Chapters must apply for a subsidy by March 1 for funds they wish to receive between July 1 through June 30 (see Chapter Lectureship Subsidy Application section below). Awards can only be given to chapters who submit a timely application.

Applications are only accepted by submission to the form below. Funding decisions are typically announced in early May.

Requesting Disbursement of Subsidy

Chapters must request disbursement of their subsidy before the visit by a Distinguished Lecturer. Contact us to request disbursement of a Chapter Lectureship Subsidy.

Lecturer Visit Report

Following a visit by a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer, the host should submit feedback using the Lectureship Visit Report form.

Chapter Lectureship Subsidy Application

Submit the form below by March 1, 2018 for funds to be used between July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019.
Funding decisions will be announced in May, 2018.

Note that lecturers must be selected from the 2018-2019 list of speakers.

Applicant Information

City, State/Province and Country (if outside North America)
Estimated Attendance Number
Briefly describe the event of the last lectureship your chapter hosted, if applicable.

Proposed Lectureship Event Information

Last Name of Lecturer
Last Name of Lecturer
How does your choice of lecturer support you local chapter programs
Describe planned activities and promotional efforts related to the visit of a Distinguished Lecturer.

Proposed Budget

Please provide information on the total cost of hosting a Distinguished Lecturer, along with information related to outside funding and the total requested from Sigma Xi.
Must be at least $300
Honorarium + Airfare + Ground Transport + Lodging and Meals
Please describe other funding sources or provide justification if no other funding sources are available.

Please make certain that all form entries are correct before submitting this form.