Research Partnerships

National Institutes of Health

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society has a partnership with the National Institutes of Health to share mutually beneficial information on what the two organizations are doing for science and scientists. We are pleased to share:

  • NIH Extramural Nexusa monthly newsletter that provides updates on NIH policies, grant applications, resources, programs, and seminars. 
  • Open Mike, the blog of Mike Lauer, NIH's deputy director for extramural research. The blog discusses issues and topics relevant to the NIH grants community.

Subscription options: 

  • For a once-a-month email digest of the previous month’s posts, subscribe to theNIH Extramural Nexus listserv.

  • For real-time updates we have the following RSS feeds available. Note: Your browser will need a plugin to subscribe to the RSS feeds.

    1. NIH Extramural Nexus RSS: News, updates, and blog posts on extramural grant policies, processes, events and resources, including Open Mike blog posts

    2. Open Mike blog posts only RSS

More information about research partnerships will be posted as they become available.