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Sigma Xi membership connects you to thousands of research scientists and engineers around the world – across disciplines, nations and even generations.


The Sigma Xi network of members will open your world to potential collaborators on your research, introduce you to prospective employers and mentors – connecting you to colleagues for life!


Your powerful Sigma Xi membership connects you to opportunities to fund your research, expand your professional development, and communicate your work to colleagues and the public.

What Sigma Xi Members Are Saying…  


    [The Grants-in-Aid of Research funding] was the only funding I had at first, as this [research] project was outside my lab’s normal spectrum of research, and Sigma Xi provided the funding that then allowed me to pursue this project.”
    — Camden MacDowell, Anchorage, AK, Inducted in 2014

    “[Sigma Xi] is very multi-disciplinary.  It is one of the first programs to really value and encourage diversity and include women and minorities.”
    — Tammy Maldonado, Boulder, CO, Inducted in 2000

    “Sigma Xi provides opportunities for people to do things that they couldn’t do entirely within their discipline.”
    — Clark Gantzer, Columbia, MO, Inducted in 1987

    “Sigma Xi is a good opportunity for undergrad and grad students to engage with each other.”
    — Fiona Soper, Ithaca, NY, Inducted in 2011


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