Research Communications Initiative

Sigma Xi’s Research Communications Initiative (RCI) utilizes talented science communication professionals and 21st century strategies to help researchers and their organizations increase the impact of their work.  Allow us to help you create custom communication solutions to achieve your scientific and business objectives.

What RCI Provides

The goal of RCI is to enable researchers and institutions to effectively convey the value and importance of their contributions through custom feature-length articles, blog posts, animations, infographics, social media campaigns, and videos that appeal to general audiences.

In addition, RCI partners will also have the option of publishing their content within a special section of Sigma Xi’s award-winning magazine, American Scientist , as well as on the Society's other digital platforms.

Sigma Xi’s 130-year distinguished history of service to science enables RCI partners to connect with an honorable brand built on ethics and integrity.  We will focus on four main elements:

         ✓  Scientific Integrity

         ✓  Editorial Excellence

         ✓  Exceptional Talent

         ✓  Substantial Audience

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Help Improve Science Communication in the 21st Century


Sigma Xi is a registered not-for-profit that supports researchers from all disciplines to communicate with general audiences.

Please support us by making a donation of your choice.

Your donation will support our writers, artists, and editors to collaborate with scientists to effectively communicate science and engineering using 21st century strategies.

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