Earn a Free Year of Membership with the Sigma Xi "Member-Get-A-Member" Program

Sigma Xi’s Member-Get-A-Member program gives all Sigma Xi members the opportunity to earn a free year of membership simply by recommending five qualified new members over the course of one fiscal year.

Here’s how it works:

All Sigma Xi members can recommend qualified friends, colleagues, students, and fellow scientists and engineers to the honor of Sigma Xi membership.

To nominate a new member you must use the nomination form found here and sign your name in the "Recommended by" field in the Member-Get-A-Member section at the bottom of the page. The name of the recommender must be included on the nomination form at time of submission to receive credit for the recommendation. Once completed, simply submit the application via email along with the nominee's CV.  

The following stipulations apply to the Member-Get-A-Member program:

  • The program is open to all Sigma Xi members.

  • The recommender does not have  to be a nominator but can  be one of the nominators. However, only one Sigma Xi member can receive credit for recommending each new member, meaning only one of the nominators can be listed as the recommender for the nominee.

  • All five new members must be approved, processed, and paid during the same fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) in order to count toward the Member-get-a-Member program and in order to earn a free year of membership.

  • A free year of membership will be credited to the recommender for the next fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) once membership for all five new members has been processed and paid in full. If the recommender has already paid for the next fiscal year of membership, credit will be given for the following fiscal year. Notification of free membership will be sent to the recommender by e-mail.

  • Each member who participates in the program can receive only one free year of membership, even if they recommend more than five nominees during one fiscal year.

  • Only a member who officially recommends Sigma Xi membership to the nominee will receive credit for the recommendation. All recommendations will be verified by Sigma Xi staff.

  • Recommendations do not have to come from the same institution or chapter as the recommender. 

Have questions? Please email the Membership Department or feel free to call us at (800) 243-6534.

Important Note to Chapter Officers

The goal of the Member-get-a-Member program is to increase nominations. Any recommendations offered by a chapter officer are considered a supplement to the regular processes already established for the chapter to fulfill the requirement of identifying and nominating potential new members. Therefore chapter officers may not claim free membership under the Member-get-a-Member program as this is considered a conflict of interest. 

Member Spotlight

James Chen

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science at The Pennsylvania State University, the Altoona College.