Members Talking to Members

To commemorate the milestone of Sigma Xi's 125th Anniversary, we challenged our newer members to engage more established members in brief interviews covering aspects of their careers and reflections on the Society. Many volunteered and interviews were conducted over the phone or in person between the months of July and October 2011. Click on the links below to learn who was interviewed and what they had to say about Sigma Xi and their careers.

Albert A. Bartlett, interviewed by Rachel Wildrick

Edward A. Burke, interviewed by his granddaughter Kathleen O'Brien

Fred Gould, interviewed by Elsa Youngsteadt

Larry Kushner, interviewed by Josh Sturmsfels

Marye Anne Fox, interviewed by Elsa Youngsteadt

Ed Mikhail, interviewed by Melissa Rura

Stanford R. Ovshinsky, interviewed by Greg P. Smestad

Gregory Pope, interviewed by Danielle Prioleau

Harry Weiss, interviewed by Charles Strehlow