The governance of the Society rests in its Assembly of Delegates at which the chapters and the membership-at-large are entitled to representation. Officers, Directors and Associate Directors are elected by the members the Society’s constituencies and regions, to manage the activities, property, and affairs of the Society, subject to the direction of, and in accordance with, policies established by the Assembly of Delegates.

Elected leaders serve a 3-year term beginning with the Society’s fiscal year which begins July 1 through June 30. The president serves first as president-elect, then president, and then as immediate past president each with distinct duties and responsibilities.

Officers of the Society are the president, president-elect, past president, and treasurer who serve through the duration their terms. The executive director is a paid position selected by the Board of Directors.

All elected and non-elected positions, such as committees, are voluntary. Sigma Xi relies upon its membership to fill vacancies in its leadership as needed to fulfill the mission and achieve the goals of the strategic plan.

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