Google Hangouts

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society hosts Google Hangouts to help students prepare for the Student Research Showcase.


What to Expect from the Student Research Showcase
Sigma Xi members who have experience judging the Showcase, as well as program manager Janelle Simmons, share their advice and tips for presenters and first-time judges.  

Tips for the 2016 Student Research Showcase 
The 2015 graduate division winner, Luka Negoita, and undergraduate division winner, Weelic Chong, share their advice and tips for students who plan to participate in 2016. Topics include how they put together their presentations, the interactions they had with judges, what they learned by participating in the showcase, and what helped their presentations be successful.

Advice For Students Entering the Student Research Showcase
Kathryn Peiman, 2014 graduate division winner of the Student Research Showcase, shares her advice.

Communicating Science Through Videos, Tumblr, and Other Social Media
The speaker is Joe Hanson, Ph.D. biologist and science writer, creator/host/writer of PBS Digital Studios' It's Okay To Be Smart

Using Visuals to Communicate Science
The speaker is Dennis Meredith, a professional science communicator.