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Award Nomination Deadline – October 1 Annually

Sigma Xi awards and prizes recognize outstanding scientists and engineers for a lifetime of achievement, a promising early career, innovation, communicating science to the public or for service to the Society. Nominations are due October 1 for the following year's awards and prizes.

Water: Debate on Critical Issue in Science

A recent U.S. government report tells an unambiguous story: The planet is warming, climate change is driven primarily by people and it's already affecting Americans, through more frequent or intense heat waves, downpours and, in some regions, floods or droughts. Sigma Xi will focus on the critical issue of Water through discussions at 2014 Annual Meeting in Arizona.

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Allen Pope


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Jade Keehn



Priyanka Bhattacharya


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Rebecca Lauer

Conservation Biology

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Michael Stevens

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May Berenbaum

John P. McGovern Science and Society Award

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Miles O'Brien

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Thomas H. Epps, III

Young Investigator Award

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