Welcome to Keyed In, the blog of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society. This will be the go-to place for Sigma Xi members and others to learn about what’s happening in the science and engineering industry. We will share thoughts and perspectives related to Sigma Xi’s mission, including ideas that deal with the health of the research enterprise, integrity in science and engineering, and public understanding of science, as they contribute to improving the human condition. We will give updates about the remarkable work conducted by Sigma Xi chapters, which are spread across the globe. We will report on trends in research and anticipate where the industry is going. And, we will offer advice to young scientists and engineers. Our ultimate goal is to provide useful information that will lead to a more connected and more effective research community.

  • Call for Nominations: October Madness 2017

    by Heather Thorstensen | Jul 26, 2017
    Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest is back and needs your nominations by August 24!
  • Developing Effective Messages Means Developing a Deep Understanding of Narrative: An Interview with Scientist-Turned-Filmmaker Randy Olson

    by Aaron Huertas | Jul 25, 2017
    Randy Olson 240x187
    A Q&A with Randy Olson explores why scientists struggle with communication and a storytelling template that could help.
  • New Quarterly Conversations

    by Jamie Vernon | Jul 19, 2017
    Jamie L. Vernon
    In the July edition of Sigma Xi Speaks, Executive Director and CEO Jamie Vernon asks members, affiliates, and explorers to participate in discussions about the irreproducibility of numerous published scientific studies, and what can be done to address this issue.
  • Forging Productive Relationships with Legislative Offices

    by Aaron Huertas | Jun 27, 2017
    Brandeis Scientist with Senator Warren
    There’s significant demand for scientific expertise among state and federal legislative offices. Researchers looking to inform policymakers about their work should consider supplying it.
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: June 2017

    by User Not Found | Jun 20, 2017
    John Nemeth
    In October 2015, I wrote that becoming interim executive director and CEO of Sigma Xi for six months was a singular honor. Now, some 21 months later, I was correct. It has been the single greatest honor of my long and varied career.
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: May 2017

    by User Not Found | May 17, 2017
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: April 2017

    by User Not Found | Apr 19, 2017
    Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO John C. Nemeth encourages members to be science advocates and citizen scientists.
  • For Scientists, Public Engagement Means Finding Their Advocacy Comfort Zone

    by Jamie Vernon | Apr 17, 2017
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: March 2017

    by User Not Found | Mar 22, 2017
    Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO John C. Nemeth shares how Sigma Xi is celebrating women in science and shares three books featuring female scientists.
  • Now is the Time to Speak Up

    by Heather Thorstensen | Mar 01, 2017
    Barry Mitsch
    This is a guest post written by communication coach Barry Mitsch. It is the responsibility of everyone who values scientific research to show the value science plays in future advancements that contribute to economic growth and improved quality of life. Mitsch shares tips on sharing your message.
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: February 2017

    by User Not Found | Feb 21, 2017
    John Nemeth
    Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO John C. Nemeth encourages members to get involved with the March for Science.
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: January 2017

    by User Not Found | Jan 17, 2017
    John Nemeth
    Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO John Nemeth shares information by disease researcher Peter Hotez on emerging infectious diseases. The Kids Science Reading Corner shares resources to help kids learn about mosquito-borne illness. It also features books about bugs.
  • Technology as a Tool for Presentations

    by Heather Thorstensen | Dec 21, 2016
    Barry Mitsch
    This is a guest post written by communication coach Barry Mitsch. Nowadays when technical professionals are asked to give a presentation, they typically begin their preparation by creating some slides using a popular software program that will be projected when speaking to an audience. But is this technology improving presentations or creating a barrier between the speaker and the audience?
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: December 2016

    by User Not Found | Dec 20, 2016
    John Nemeth
    Sigma Xi is taking its first steps to help ensure that research in America will continue to attain the highest standards in the coming Trump administration. I call on you now for your participation.
  • Explore, Discover, and Move Forward

    by Heather Thorstensen | Dec 14, 2016
    Guidotti, Sanberg, Caidi
    Paul R. Sanberg, winner of the Sigma Xi 2016 John P. McGovern Science and Society Award, shares his lecture from the 2016 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. A main message of his lecture was that researchers have a meaningful role to play in society by sharing the benefits of their discoveries with other people.
  • Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society

    by Heather Thorstensen | Dec 13, 2016
    Tee Guidotti
    Sigma Xi President Tee L. Guidotti explains the reasoning and history behind Sigma Xi's name change, which was approved at the recent Annual Meeting.
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: November 2016

    by User Not Found | Nov 29, 2016
    John Nemeth
    Executive Director and CEO John C. Nemeth uses his monthly series to spotlight Human Rights Day on December 10. He shares an article about how Sigma Xi members can get involved with supporting the human right to water. The Kids Science Reading Corner features books about people who received their education against the odds.
  • The 2016 Sigma Xi Annual Meeting and Student Research Conference: Seven Big Themes

    by Heather Thorstensen | Nov 16, 2016
    This is a guest post written by Sigma Xi President Tee Guidotti. Sigma Xi conferences are always wondrous affairs, bringing together speakers on outstanding science, extraordinarily talented students, their dedicated advisors, science policy wonks, and people who just plain care. The meeting that just ended featured the following key themes.
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: October 2016

    by User Not Found | Oct 18, 2016
    Bats_A World of Science and Mystery240x187
    In honor of Halloween, Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO John Nemeth highlights two things that can be considered scary: drones and bats. He discusses the research applications for drones and books for kids about bats.
  • October Madness: Raffle Announcement

    by Heather Thorstensen | Oct 11, 2016
    Affiliate Circle
    Thanks for following along with the second year of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society’s Nobel Prize prediction contest, October Madness. Find out if anyone won this year's prizes.

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