2018 October Madness: The Finals

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We're down to the finals of Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest, October Madness! Your votes this week are more important than ever because you can help your top picks become October Madness champions! And, your votes make you eligible for a raffle to win a prize. 

The prize is a candy-filled American Scientist  mug, Sigma Xi button, and a copy of American Scientist's  special September–October issue, "Big Data Takes on the Universe." If you wish to participate in the raffle, enter your name and email address on the voting forms. You may enter up to three times, once per vote in each of the three categories: Chemistry, Physics, and Physiology or Medicine.

The Prize 

Raffle Prize

Voting Deadline

Voting is open until September 23, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.


Who Could Win the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry? Vote Now!

Finals Bracket Chemistry

The final chemistry match-up is:

Harry Gray and Stephen Lippard for pioneering work in the field of bioinorganic chemistry


Stuart Schreiber for pioneering chemical insights into the logic of signal transduction and gene regulation that led to new therapeutics and for applications of small-molecule probes


Who Could Win the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics? Vote Now!

Finals Bracket Physics

The final physics match-up is:

Paul C.W. Chu and Maw-Kuen Wu, for discovery of superconductivity in yttrium barium copper oxide and similar compounds above the boiling point of nitrogen 


Sandra M. Faber, for leadership innumerous path-breaking studies of extra-galactic astronomy and galaxy formation

Physiology or Medicine

Who Could Win the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine? Vote Now!

Finals Bracket Physiology or Medicine

The final physiology or medicine match-up is:

Joseph Vacanti, Robert Langer, and Anthony Atala for the discovery of regenerative medicine (tissue engineering,) and perfecting of related inventions


Miguel A. Nicolelis for pioneering work in the interpretation of neuron signals leading to the development of brain–machine interface technology

What Happens Next?

Results for the brackets and the raffle prize winner will be announced here on Keyed In and Sigma Xi's social media on September 25. Good luck!

October Madness is not affiliated with the Nobel Prize. 

Heather Thorstensen is manager of communications for Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society

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