Welcome to Keyed In, the blog of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society. This will be the go-to place for Sigma Xi members and others to learn about what’s happening in the science and engineering industry. We will share thoughts and perspectives related to Sigma Xi’s mission, including ideas that deal with the health of the research enterprise, integrity in science and engineering, and public understanding of science, as they contribute to improving the human condition. We will give updates about the remarkable work conducted by Sigma Xi chapters, which are spread across the globe. We will report on trends in research and anticipate where the industry is going. And, we will offer advice to young scientists and engineers. Our ultimate goal is to provide useful information that will lead to a more connected and more effective research community.

  • Sigma Xi Speaks: November 2016

    by User Not Found | Nov 29, 2016
    John Nemeth
    Executive Director and CEO John C. Nemeth uses his monthly series to spotlight Human Rights Day on December 10. He shares an article about how Sigma Xi members can get involved with supporting the human right to water. The Kids Science Reading Corner features books about people who received their education against the odds.
  • The 2016 Sigma Xi Annual Meeting and Student Research Conference: Seven Big Themes

    by Heather Thorstensen | Nov 16, 2016
    This is a guest post written by Sigma Xi President Tee Guidotti. Sigma Xi conferences are always wondrous affairs, bringing together speakers on outstanding science, extraordinarily talented students, their dedicated advisors, science policy wonks, and people who just plain care. The meeting that just ended featured the following key themes.
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: October 2016

    by User Not Found | Oct 18, 2016
    Bats_A World of Science and Mystery240x187
    In honor of Halloween, Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO John Nemeth highlights two things that can be considered scary: drones and bats. He discusses the research applications for drones and books for kids about bats.
  • October Madness: Raffle Announcement

    by Heather Thorstensen | Oct 11, 2016
    Affiliate Circle
    Thanks for following along with the second year of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society’s Nobel Prize prediction contest, October Madness. Find out if anyone won this year's prizes.
  • 2016 October Madness: Announcement of Champions

    by Heather Thorstensen | Sep 27, 2016
    After collecting public nominations and holding four weeks of voting, we can now announce the champions of October Madness, Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest.
  • 2016 October Madness: Finals

    by Heather Thorstensen | Sep 20, 2016
    Finals Physiology or Medicine
    We made it to the finals for this year's edition of October Madness, Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest!
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: September 2016

    by User Not Found | Sep 19, 2016
    John Nemeth
    Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO John Nemeth shares reliable sources of information to share about the Zika virus. The Kids Science Reading Corner has suggestions for three books about Albert Einstein.
  • 2016 October Madness: Final 4

    by Heather Thorstensen | Sep 13, 2016
    Final 4 Phys Medicine
    We're down to the Final 4 for Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest, October Madness.
  • 2016 October Madness: Elite 8

    by Heather Thorstensen | Sep 07, 2016
    Results of the Sweet 16 round of October Madness, Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest, are announced and voting begins for the Elite 8 round.
  • 2016 October Madness: Sweet 16

    by Heather Thorstensen | Aug 30, 2016
    Sigma Xi opens its 2nd run of October Madness, a Nobel Prize prediction contest.
  • Call for Nominations: October Madness 2016

    by Heather Thorstensen | Aug 22, 2016
    Sigma Xi announces the return of its Nobel Prize prediction contest, October Madness, and calls for nominations through August 28.
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: August 2016

    by Heather Thorstensen | Aug 16, 2016
    John Nemeth
    Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO John Nemeth discusses Sigma Xi's new Research Communications Initiative, Sigma Xi's joint effort with 55 other science organizations to get science questions answered by the U.S. presidential candidates, and a new feature: the Kids Science Reading Corner.
  • Vox on "The 7 Biggest Problems Facing Science"

    by Heather Thorstensen | Jul 27, 2016
    Tee Guidotti
    Sigma Xi President Tee Guidotti responds to points made in Vox's article, "The 7 Biggest Problems Facing Science, According to 270 Scientists."
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: July 2016

    by Heather Thorstensen | Jul 19, 2016
    John Nemeth
    Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO John Nemeth encourages Sigma Xi members to invite non-scientists to ask them questions about research, in person or on social media with #AskAScientist.
  • Sigma Xi Speaks: June 2016

    by Heather Thorstensen | Jun 21, 2016
    John Nemeth
    In the June message for Sigma Xi Speaks, Executive Director John Nemeth encourages members to take an active role in STEM outreach, and gives members ideas on how to find and share research news.
  • A Role for Sigma Xi in Science Policy

    by Heather Thorstensen | May 03, 2016
    This is a guest post by Sigma Xi President-Elect Tee Guidotti, who explains how Sigma Xi’s mission fits into public policy and states that members can expect to see more activity in science policy in the future.
  • My Experience at the USA Science & Engineering Festival

    by Heather Thorstensen | Apr 28, 2016
    This is a guest post by Sigma Xi member Thorsen Wehr: Recently I had the honor of representing Sigma Xi as a student researcher at the USA Science & Engineering Festival's X-STEM event in Washington, D.C.! I learned just how engaged these students really are about science.
  • Connecting Science to Policy

    by User Not Found | Mar 16, 2016
    I am pleased to welcome you to the second installment of Sigma Xi Speaks! This initiative provides you with policy-relevant information generated by the Society’s communications and publications staff. This post contains three areas of consensus from last year’s Communicating Science for Policy event. It also highlights American Scientist articles relating to the effects of climate change, the increase in production and use of nanoparticles, and ideas for recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.
  • Making Sense out of the Census: Diversity, Science, and Tomorrow

    by Heather Thorstensen | Feb 29, 2016
    Sigma Xi's Southeast Regional Director Richard Watkins describes the state of diversity in science and his efforts at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to support positive change.
  • How to Engage More African Americans in STEM

    by Heather Thorstensen | Feb 26, 2016
    Watch a recording of this panel discussion, as well as a collection of Twitter posts that were published during the live broadcast.

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