Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter in Sigma Xi’s Leadership

by Robert T. Pennock | May 25, 2021


Sigma Xi has woven diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of its culture. By combining diverse perspectives, we are equipped to discover a unified understanding of the world. Sigma Xi promotes universality and objectivity and welcomes the human differences that constitute the richness of our common humanity. 

Scientific conclusions are to be drawn on the basis of the evidence, without bias, which is the basic principle of objectivity in scientific methods.  Aiming to make assessments in fair and unbiased  practices, Sigma Xi applies this principle to our treatment of people as well.

The Society welcomes all scientists and researchers without regard to age, sex, gender, religion, or race into this fellowship which is expressed in our name and motto “Companions in Zealous Research," where we work to strengthen those unrestricted ties of friendship, a common thread of Sigma Xi’s values.  

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of the leadership of an organization that is founded on such values?  Please consider nominating yourself or someone that you believe would contribute to the Society’s leadership today.


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Robert T. Pennock, Ph.D.
Sigma Xi President-Elect

Helpful Resources

  • To learn about open positions for the November 2021 Election and view duties and responsibilities for each, please visit www.sigmaxi.org/2021-elections.

  • Nominations should be sent to elections@sigmaxi.org.

  • Active, full members of Sigma Xi are eligible for office. An inactive member may become active at any time through payment of current dues.   

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