Three Things Sigma Xi Can Do for You

by Jamie Vernon | Jun 18, 2019

Sigma Xi Speaks, June 2019

Three Things Sigma Xi Can Do for You


Jamie L. VernonI wish each person reading this could be in Ashland, Oregon, with me today. I’m here for the AAAS–Pacific Division Annual Meeting, where Sigma Xi’s Director of Membership, Chapters, and Programs Eman Ghanem will give a talk about what scientific societies can do for researchers. I’m posting the key talking points on Sigma Xi's blog because the honor of your nomination to Sigma Xi membership is just the beginning of what Sigma Xi can do for you. 

Keep in mind these three things. 

1. Acceleration

Sigma Xi accelerates your career progression by giving you the tools to keep moving forward. The Society gives you access to a STEM-focused job board, career fairs, and a network of scientists and engineers to learn from, representing a range of disciplines and different stages of their careers. This network is held together primarily by Sigma Xi chapters, the online member communities, and the online member directory. You can find a mentor (or sign up to become one), meet new people in your area, get advice, and gain new ideas.

Research funding is another career acceleration tool. In Fiscal Year 2019, the Grants in Aid of Research program awarded $225,000 to 240 undergraduate and graduate students for their research. 

We also offer you the chance to gain leadership experience for your CV and professional growth. You can become one of our 580 chapter officers, join a chapter committee, or run for a Society-wide elected position

2. Amplification

Sigma Xi amplifies your scientific message. You’re already doing great research; we help you get your message where you want it to go. You can submit your work to be shaped by our skilled editors for publication in American Scientist  (no magazine writing experience required). Likewise, high school students who are associate members can submit their research for publication in Chronicle of The New Researcher. We recognize members with awards, Distinguished Lecturer positions, and invitations to present posters or lead sessions at the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting. And, we invite you to tell staff about your research accomplishments so we can share them on social media.

3. Association

Through Sigma Xi, you become associated with a community of people who share your professional goals, whether your main focus is conducting science or engineering with integrity, supporting students, or helping the public connect with research. Our events bring researchers together for barbecues, banquets, March for Science, solar eclipses, science holidays, lab tours, conferences, judging at science fairs, and reviewing grant applications. Sigma Xi also gives members a chance to do outreach with the public, from helping Girl Scouts earn STEM badges and starting Sigma Xi clubs for K–12 students to hosting public science talks

If you have questions about what Sigma Xi can do for you, please reach out to

Jamie L. Vernon, PhD
Executive Director and CEO, Sigma Xi
Publisher, American Scientist

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