Tee Guidotti


Present Position: International consultant on health, safety, and environment management and sustainability. 

Chapter Affiliation: George Washington University 

tee-guidotti-240x187President's Statement: Sigma Xi is precious to us because it is a force for the best in world science. Our task is to preserve the mission and to make Sigma Xi stronger so that it can push forward on its important work in its two essential directions:  1) celebrating and honoring good science and 2) invigilating scientific integrity. Beyond that, there may be lots more to be done but above all Sigma Xi must do those two things well. 

Dr. Guidotti launched a second career as an international consultant in health/safety/environmental management and sustainability after a more traditionally successful three-decade academic career in the United States and Canada, during which he served, variously, as a tenured professor, research professor, adjunct, department chair, division director, clinical chief, and center director. He is also a physician.