Geraldine L. Richmond

Geri RichmondPresent Position

Presidential Chair of Science and Professor of Chemistry, University of Oregon

Chapter Affiliation

None; Member-at-Large

Background Information

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There has never been a more important time to advocate strongly for science.  Sigma Xi and all of its members have a critical role to play in this advocacy. Sigma Xi’s chapters are a unique and powerful presence that can, in unity, be transformative in how scientific research is perceived, understood and valued.  We need every voice to speak for research, both basic and applied, and to articulate the passion and devotion that we share for scientific inquiry. An undergraduate award from Sigma Xi was one of the very first awards that I received in my early career. I recall how proud I was to receive it and the confidence that it gave me to keep going forward in science. If elected I seek to be actively involved in paying back through the highly regarded  Sigma Xi programs that nurture the next generation of scientists. I would devote myself to this commitment by promoting chapter conversations about collectively making an even greater impact at their respective institutions/organizations. I know that chapters are very active in judging at student science fairs (pre-college, undergraduate and graduate), as well as in honoring outstanding students with nomination to membership. If Sigma Xi can capitalize on this good work and make it more visible at the national/international level, we can attract more resources. I would look forward to helping to strengthen and build Sigma Xi’s relationship and collaboration with others in my network that include many organizations and boards that I have been working with over the many years of my career. Through strengthening collaborations with other groups Sigma Xi can tie into other efforts it can multiply its impact exponentially. While it is essential to maintain a careful focus in its vision and programs, Sigma Xi is ideally positioned to draw together the elements of STEM education, STEM educators, STEM practitioners, the public and the policy community in ways that marshal limited resources with maximum leverage. Growing/maintaining membership and revenue are the constant concerns of all professional societies and they must be the ultimate goals of all Sigma Xi activities. Engaging the chapters in leadership circles that map to selected targets might be one means of lift-off and I look forward to exploring many others. Opportunities for a robust international presence also seem promising and offer a challenge that we should be able to meet with great strength.