Good Standing

Purdue Univ Chapter 2012

To receive vital local support payments from the administrative office, a chapter must be in "good standing." The annual requirements for good standing are as follows:

  • File a Chapter Annual Report with Sigma Xi Headquarters each fiscal year
  • File a Treasurer's Report with Sigma Xi Headquarters each fiscal year
  • Designate a roster of chapter officers with Sigma Xi Headquarters each fiscal year
  • Elect and initiate, via any mechanism open to the chapter, new Members and/or AssociateMercer University Chapter Induction 2015 Members on at least one occasion in two consecutive years, OR for chapters at non-academic institutions, provide a record satisfactory to the appropriate committee (designated by the Board,) illustrating either a.) contributions to and involvement in improvement of mathematics and science education or b.) the promotion of science or engineering to young people.
  • Have a chapter delegate attend the Assembly of Delegates (held annually in connection with the Annual Meeting) at least once every three years.
  • File a copy of Chapter Bylaws with Sigma Xi Headquarters 

A chapter that does not fulfill these requirements is not eligible to receive local support payments or support for delegate travel to the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting.

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Chapter Delegates.  Beginning with the 1996 Annual Meeting, in order for a chapter's delegate to receive his/her travel subvention, the chapter must be in "good standing." The Assembly of Delegates at the 1994 Annual Meeting approved this amendment to the 8-point dues motion. However, delegates whose chapters are "not in good standing" only because of a failure to send a delegate in the preceding three years will be exempt from the requirement and will receive their travel subvention.

Chapter Officers.  Officers of the chapter must be dues-paid active members. Should they lapse in dues payment, notice will be sent to them of their inability to serve until their dues are paid. Should no action be taken, notice will be sent to other officers in the chapter. If no officers are dues-paid, notice will be sent to the most recent past officers of the chapter who are dues-paid indicating that the chapter is no longer in good standing.