Policy on Respect

Sigma Xi is a multidisciplinary society of scientists and engineers. Our members have diverse professional backgrounds, genders, ages and ethnicities. It is expected that every Sigma Xi member will treat other members, staff, and everyone that they meet with courtesy, respect and professionalism at all times. Sigma Xi meetings such as the Assembly of Delegates, symposium, Student Research Conference, and Student Research Showcase should be a positive experience for all. Sigma Xi, as a professional society, does not tolerate unprofessional conduct, discrimination, intimidation or sexual harassment.

While approaching the research of others with a critical eye is essential to the research enterprise, it is expected that delegates, student-presenters, judges, staff and other event attendees will treat each other with the highest level of respect. This extends to the evaluation of student work in that the relationship between judge and student is similar to mentor and protégé, teacher and student.

Any incident that runs contrary to the Sigma Xi culture of collegiality and this Policy on Respect should be reported immediately to a member of the event staff.

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