Sigma Xi 2018 Student Research Showcase


Christian Prestegard Optimizing Film Dosage Forms for Buccal Delivery
Christian Prestegard, Pine Crest School

My presentation consists of an abstract, a Google Slides presentation, and a video describing my research in film dosage forms. 

Aida Wen Biomineralization of Polyetheretherketone Through Surface Modification and Simple Chemistry
Aida Wen, American Heritage School

The surface properties of Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) can be improved to achieve better bone integration in orthopedic and spine implants. In this study, two different hydroxyapatite-like coating methods were developed to increase the biocompatibility of PEEK. These methods took only 2 days, making it 3-12 times faster than methods of past studies. The effects of phosphoric acid, roughening, and sulfuric acid pretreatment on coating thickness and adhesion were also investigated.


Harshini Oruganti The Effect of Artificial Food Coloring on Caenorhabditis Elegans
Harshini Oruganti, American Heritage School

The research conducted  in this experiment is to test the effect of the primary artificial food colorings on eukaryotic organsisms. This will determine the safety of using food coloring in our foods, and provide information that furthers our knowledge about coloring additives used by many food production companies.

Hemangi Rajpal Developing a Novel Drug-Based, Dual-Targeted Emergency Treatment for Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Strokes by Targeting Common Molecular Pathways of Oxidative Stress, Hemoglobin Degradation, and Inflammation
Hemangi Rajpal, American Heritage School

Currently, no efficient emergency drug-based treatments for ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke are being used in clinical practice. Timely medical intervention during a stroke is imperative, but as of now, a scan or surgery must be performed to simply to determine what kind of stroke has occurred. Thus, in this research, I developed a novel dual-targeted drug-based emergency therapy that can alleviate both kinds of stroke can increase survival chances among those affected soon after the symptoms of stroke are recognized.

Student Research Showcase logoRedefining Protein Stability with the First Adequate Model for Secondary Structure Calculations
Philippe Baron, Bronx High School of Science

The attached presentation conveys the developments in my research on the Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein and its stability.