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Ms. Samantha E. Zygmont

Current Chapter: Fairfield University
Electing Chapter: Fairfield University

Stanislaus A. Zygmunt

Current Chapter: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Electing Chapter: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Aniela S. Zygmuntowicz

Current Chapter: Brown University
Electing Chapter: Brown University

Dr. Andrey V. Zykov

Current Chapter: University of Texas at Austin
Electing Chapter: University of Texas at Austin

Ms. Kathryn A. Zyla

Current Chapter: Swarthmore College
Electing Chapter: Swarthmore College

Ms. Maxine Zylberberg

Current Chapter: University of California-Davis
Electing Chapter: Amherst College

Mr. David E. Zylberman

Current Chapter: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Electing Chapter: ASARCO

Dr. J. M. Zylka, M.D.

Current Chapter: Saint Louis University
Electing Chapter: West Virginia University

Mr. Alex B. Zylstra

Current Chapter: Claremont Colleges
Electing Chapter: Claremont Colleges

Ms. Ra C. Zylstra

Current Chapter: Western Washington University
Electing Chapter: Western Washington University

Ms. Cynthia A. Zynel

Current Chapter: Colorado State University
Electing Chapter: Colorado State University

Hanna Zyruk

Current Chapter: Membership At Large
Electing Chapter: ICI Americas

Ms. Jennifer Zysk

Current Chapter: University of Connecticut Health Center
Electing Chapter: Membership At Large

Dr. John R. Zysk

Current Chapter: Princeton
Electing Chapter: Princeton

Mr. John L. Zyskind

Current Chapter: Princeton
Electing Chapter: University of Chicago

Ms. Judith W. Zyskind

Current Chapter: San Diego
Electing Chapter: Iowa State University

Mr. Andrew M. Zywiec

Current Chapter: Ohio State University
Electing Chapter: Ohio State University