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Imoleayo S. Abel

Current Chapter: Swarthmore College
Electing Chapter: Swarthmore College

Mr. Jaison R. Abel

Current Chapter: Ohio State University
Electing Chapter: Ohio State University

Mr. Jeffrey M. Abel

Current Chapter: California State University-Northridge
Electing Chapter: California State University-Northridge

Mr. John F. Abel

Current Chapter: Cornell University
Electing Chapter: University of California-Berkeley

John H. Abel

Current Chapter: Brown University
Electing Chapter: Brown University

Mr. Keith H. Abel

Current Chapter: Membership At Large
Electing Chapter: University of Michigan

Ms. Madelaine R. Abel

Current Chapter: Wellesley College
Electing Chapter: Wellesley College

Dr. Marc S. Abel

Current Chapter: Rosalind Franklin University
Electing Chapter: Rosalind Franklin University

Ms. Mary B. Abel

Current Chapter: University of Rhode Island
Electing Chapter: University of Rhode Island

Ms. Millicent H. Abel

Current Chapter: Western Carolina University
Electing Chapter: Louisville

Dr. Phillip B. Abel

Current Chapter: Case Western Reserve University
Electing Chapter: Case Western Reserve University

Ms. Sharon M. Abel

Current Chapter: University of Toronto
Electing Chapter: University of Toronto

Mr. Stuart Abel

Current Chapter: Northwestern University
Electing Chapter: Northwestern University

Dr. Theodora M. Abel

Current Chapter: University of New Mexico
Electing Chapter: Cornell University

Mr. Walter L. Abel, Jr.

Current Chapter: University of Denver
Electing Chapter: Tufts University

Dr. George S. Abela

Current Chapter: Michigan State University
Electing Chapter: Michigan State University

Dr. John R. Abela

Current Chapter: Sigma Xi McGill
Electing Chapter: Membership At Large

Ms. Nycole Abela

Current Chapter: Manhattan College
Electing Chapter: Manhattan College

April E. Abele

Current Chapter: Mount Holyoke College
Electing Chapter: Mount Holyoke College

Dr. Charles C. Abele, Ph.D.

Current Chapter: Albany
Electing Chapter: University of Illinois

Donald C. Abele

Current Chapter: Central Savannah River Area
Electing Chapter: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Mr. John C. Abele

Current Chapter: Columbia-Willamette
Electing Chapter: University of Southern California

Mr. Lawrence G. Abele

Current Chapter: Florida State University
Electing Chapter: Florida State University

Mr. Ralph W. Abele, Jr.

Current Chapter: University of Massachusetts
Electing Chapter: University of Massachusetts

Dr. Hernan G. Abeledo, Ph.D.

Current Chapter: George Washington University
Electing Chapter: George Washington University