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Dr. Tarek M. Abdel-Fattah

Current Chapter: Tidewater Virginia
Electing Chapter: Tidewater Virginia

Dr. Wael R. Abdel-Fattah

Current Chapter: University of Illinois at Chicago
Electing Chapter: University of Illinois at Chicago

Monem Abdel-Gawad

Current Chapter: Boeing North American
Electing Chapter: Boeing North American

Samir F. Abd-Elghafar

Current Chapter: Auburn University
Electing Chapter: Auburn University

Abdou M. Abdel-Ghaffar

Current Chapter: Northeastern University
Electing Chapter: Northeastern University

Mohamed Abdel-Ghany

Current Chapter: University of Alabama
Electing Chapter: University of Alabama

Ribbia Abdelhady

Current Chapter: Fairleigh Dickinson University
Electing Chapter: Fairleigh Dickinson University

Mohamed A. Abdel-Hady

Current Chapter: Oklahoma State University
Electing Chapter: Oklahoma State University

Batol Abdelhafez

Current Chapter: Fordham University
Electing Chapter: Fordham University

Dr. Aliaa H. Abdelhakim

Current Chapter: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Electing Chapter: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mr. Tarek K. Abdel-Hamid

Current Chapter: Naval Postgraduate School
Electing Chapter: Naval Postgraduate School

Kadry A. Abdelhamied

Current Chapter: Louisiana Tech University
Electing Chapter: Membership At Large

Ms. Reem A. Abdel-Haq

Current Chapter: Brown University
Electing Chapter: Brown University

Dr. Ahmad Abdelkarim, D.D.S.

Current Chapter: University of Mississippi Medical Center
Electing Chapter: University of Central Florida

Dr. Ossama O. Abdelkhalik

Current Chapter: Texas A & M University
Electing Chapter: Texas A & M University

Dr. Hany S. Abdel-Khalik

Current Chapter: North Carolina State University
Electing Chapter: North Carolina State University

Mr. Peter M. Abdella

Current Chapter: Northwestern University
Electing Chapter: Northwestern University

Eisa M. Abdellatif

Current Chapter: University of Kansas
Electing Chapter: University of Kansas

Mr. A. I. Abdel-Latif

Current Chapter: Bryn Mawr College
Electing Chapter: Missouri University of Science and Technology

Ata A. Abdel-Latif

Current Chapter: Central Savannah River Area
Electing Chapter: Illinois Institute of Technology

Mr. Mohamed A. Abdel-Latif

Current Chapter: Ohio State University
Electing Chapter: Ohio State University

Mr. David V. Abdelmalak

Current Chapter: Howard University
Electing Chapter: Howard University

Samia L. Abdelmalek

Current Chapter: Texas Christian University
Electing Chapter: Texas Christian University

Hisham H. Abdelmohsen

Current Chapter: University of Wisconsin
Electing Chapter: University of Wisconsin

Ahmed Abdelmonem

Current Chapter: City College of the City University of New York
Electing Chapter: City College of the City University of New York