Faces of GIAR: Soumya Varma

February 28, 2023


Grant: $1,000 in Spring 2021

Education level at the time of the grant: PhD student

Project Description: 
The principal objective of the research was to understand the structure-property relationship of the enamel known as crenulated wavy enamel (CWE) in the grinding dentition of large herbivore hadrosaurid dinosaurs. The grant was used to buy an instrument attachment, namely a diamond indenter tip, to evaluate wavy enamel's micromechanical response. The indenter tip was attached to the HysitronTI950 nanoindenter, and nanoindentation experiments were carried out to evaluate its mechanical properties at a small scale.

How did the grant process or the project itself influence you as a scientist/researcher?
The writing of the grant proposal enriched my experience in writing. It made me understand the key points required to write a successful proposal. The most helpful aspect was learning how to write my research concisely and for a broader audience. The budgeting process also taught me how to identify what to include and what to leave out. The grant also helped me get another scholarship which funded a future visit to Switzerland.

What is one piece of advice or tip you would give to future grant applicants? 
Focus on creating a very strong background section, target a broad audience, and include a comprehensive budgeting section.

Students may apply for Sigma Xi research grants by March 15 and October 1 annually at www.sigmaxi.org/giar.

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