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Send Support to STEM Students

April 15, 2019

SRS logoYou can encourage future scientists and engineers in their research pursuits from your own computer as Sigma Xi hosts its annual online science communication competition, the Student Research Showcase. In total, 146 students were accepted to present their research in the 2019 showcase by submitting research abstracts.

The competition builds students’ science communication skills so they can convey the value of their research to both technical and nontechnical audiences. 

To leave encouragement for the presenters:

  1. Visit the Student Research Showcase webpage

  2. Find the section called 2019 Presentations and click on a category 

  3. Click on the title of a presentation to visit the presentation website

  4. Leave encouraging comments on the presentation website. For example, you can let the presenters know what you think of their research projects, ask questions, or provide constructive feedback.

Presenters compete in the high school, undergraduate, and graduate school divisions from April 15–April 29. Each student, or co-presenters, submitted a website that contains an abstract, slideshow, and video about the research. Judges evaluate presentations on the presenters’ scientific thought and method as well as how well presenters do the following: communicate enthusiasm for their projects; clearly state the significance of their work; effectively use text, charts, and diagrams; and clearly answer questions. 

Division winners receive $500 and will be announced on May 6. One of the three division winners will be named the competition’s overall top presenter and will receive an additional $500 prize. Voting for the People’s Choice Award, which has a $250 prize, runs May 6–13; this public vote is based solely on the merit of the students’ videos. Watch the showcase website for instructions on how to cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award.