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Grants in Aid of Research Recipient Profile: Meng Jia

October 27, 2020

Ming Jia

Grant: $2500 in Spring 2020 thanks to a gift to the Grants in Aid of Research program from the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired

Education level at the time of the grant: PhD student 

Research Discipline: Cell Biology/Biochemistry

Project Description: These grants have allowed me to purchase drugs and antibodies for my experiment. My project is about investigating the role of the Yap1 protein in regulating photoreceptor differentiation during retinal regeneration. Humans have limited ability to restore vision in response to retina injuries and diseases. Most people suffering retinal damage will eventually lose their sight. The ultimate goal of investigating the mechanisms of retinal regeneration in zebrafish is to explore possible pharmaceutical strategies to restore sight for blind people. This research may reveal a novel role of Yap1 played during a retinal regeneration process, which will advance the understanding of natural retinal regeneration mechanisms. 

How the project has influenced you as a scientist: This project is a subproject of my PhD dissertation. This project sparked my curiosity in the regeneration field. I wish to explore more about natural regeneration processes in future. 

Where are you now: University of Notre Dame, Indiana

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