Edwin H. Kiester

2003 Honorary Memberkiester

While pursuing a journalism degree at the University of Pittsburgh, Edwin H. Kiester, Jr. worked as a reporter for the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph. During military service in 1946-47, he was assigned to the Armed Forces Radio Network station in Frankfurt, Germany. He returned to the University of Pittsburgh to complete his degree and then joined the staff of Parade Magazine as a reporter and editor. In addition, Kiester’s lively and enlightening freelance science articles have been widely published in such magazines asDiscoverSmithsonian and Reader’s Digest, among many others. His books include The Complete Guide To Child Care From Birth to 6, which he wrote in collaboration with his wife Sally. He has also edited Better Homes and Gardens’ New Family Medical Guide. Kiester has made important subjects in natural science understandable and accessible to the general public. After living in California for many years, he now resides in Pittsburgh.