Sivaguru Jayaraman

2012 Young Investigator Award

Sivaguru Jayaraman at North Dakota StateJayaraman University will be honored with Sigma Xi's 2012 Young Investigator Award. His research involves the use of light to initiate chemical reactions and control photoreactivity in the excited state using molecular design and nanoconfinement. The cornerstone of Siva's program involves synthetic effort that allows a freedom of design to produce new structural motifs not only for studying stereoselective reactions, but also for chemical and bio-molecular recognition of encapsulated guests within water soluble nano-reaction vessels. Dr. Siva's research investigates the molecular and supramolecular assembly characteristics of systems to gain a deeper understanding of the interplay between molecular structure, assembly, dynamics and the role of external interactions critical for molecular recognition events in light-initiated reactions.

Additionally, Siva's research group uses modern molecular tools and spectroscopic techniques to gain deeper understanding of molecular interactions in chemical and biological systems, using light as both a reagent that initiates the chemistry and as the product of excited state reactivity of organic molecules.

For Dr. Siva's presentation at NW AAAS/ACS/SX in Boise, Idaho on June 27, 2012, click here.