Richard Boudreault


Present Position

Executive Chairman and CTO at Sigma Energy Storage Inc.



Background Information



I have endeavored as a scientist, an engineer and an entrepreneur for now more than 35 years. What drives me to serve as Board member representing Canada and the International Constituency is I believe that science’s and engineering’s prominence as bearer of truth are menaced by a few but well levered contrarians, that it be about evolution or about climatology or even about the benefits of government-sponsored basic research. Sadly, this situation is not only American but is certainly present also in Canada and abroad.

I believe that Sigma Xi can, through the strength of its membership and the right positioning, stand to help right this wrong and refocus the voice of science with the people and their politicians. Although I have been a proud member for quite a while, I have not had much previous experience with the workings of Sigma Xi, thus I possibly bring to the table a fresh look and new ideas.  However, I do feel I can contribute through my governance skills spanning over

25 science and engineering based corporations, paragovernmental organizations and government agencies.