Christopher John Doona

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Senior Research Chemist, U.S. Army Natick Soldier RD&E Center

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As a Senior Research Chemist for the US Army – Natick Soldier RD&E Center, which is a very unique type of research institution covering basic and applied research, development, and testing activities for a wide range of mission-focused applications, I have grown as a scientist to become increasingly adaptive, flexible, and able to learn new and interdisciplinary areas of science in dynamic environments. This experience has allowed me to develop specific expertise in some areas, while broadening my background to other areas. It also proves to me that a Ph.D. is not a terminal degree, but the foundation for exploring and striving for new beginnings, as these experiences have opened me to new ways of thinking and has let me provide different, outside-the-box perspectives in new areas. I want to bring this type of openness and diverse background to Sigma Xi, because the Sigma Xi is inherently interdisciplinary and provides the ideal forum for freely exchanging ideas across disciplines. As a member of Sigma Xi and leader of our chapter for many years, I believe our duty is to promote the importance of free exchange among scientific peers, in order to keep alive the spirit of learning and education as a lifelong process beyond the scope of our disciplines. Unfortunately, many scientists do not take advantage of this opportunity, but only join professional societies in a single discipline. Over the years I have worked very hard at US Army – Natick Soldier RD&E Center to keep the Natick chapter active, viable, and prominent. If elected as a representative of the Area Industries, State, and Federal Laboratory Constituency on the Committee on Nominations, I will work towards promoting the relevance of scientific endeavors on campuses of colleges, universities, and research institutes, and in the community at large.

Sigma Xi Activities

2016-17; 2015-16; and 2007-08. President (won Natick’s first-ever Chapter of Excellence Certificate from the Sigma Xi National Committee for expanding and intensifying Chapter activities in accordance with national goals of increasing membership, enhancing Outreach activities, and hosting national speakers, such as Sigma Xi Award Winner Professor Judith Herzfeld of Brandeis University, Harry Lawless of Cornell University, Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer Dan Sandweiss of University of Maine, Professor Tom Pochapsky of Brandeis University, and Dr. Mary Mandels of NSRDEC (Emeritus). Other activities include an annual student poster judging competitions (30+ student posters and 20+ volunteer judges from all disciplines – winners receive a $25 cash award), and numerous outreach activities for colleges, high school, and middle school Science Fairs.
2010. Attended Annual Meeting in Raleigh, NC. Gave poster presentation; judged student poster competition; participated in Delegates Meeting as voting member.
2008-2015. Treasurer.
2006-07. Member-at Large.