George Edw Seymour

George Seymour Present Position

Pleasantly retired; President of San Diego Sigma Xi Chapter

Chapter Affiliation

San Diego 


Synopsis:  Although a Sigma Xi member for fifteen years, I did not actively participate until the most recent six years, the first two of which consisted of leading the annual Chapter effort to judge the local Science Fair.  The following four years, as a Chapter officer, I set four goals: (a) Elicit member feedback using a survey, (b) Arrange for our annual Chapter awards banquets, (c) Enhance member participation, and (d) Update our website.  I was successful for two of them, (a) and (b), although I did gather important insights into the others.   I am convinced that our Chapter is being challenged by the same issues facing many chapters, and National, namely a seriously declining membership and a lack of member participation. If elected I will tackle both challenges, ideally as part of a team.  I am particularly attuned to advocate for the Society among peers and in the community. 

Sigma Xi Activity: 

  • Served as the San Diego Chapter Vice President for two terms: 2012-2013.
  • Served as Chapter President for two terms from 2013 to Present where I attended both Virtual and On-site National meetings.
  • Served as Chapter Delegate to National since 2011, and here is my 2014 report 
  • Visited the Orange County Chapter meeting on November 15th, 2011 and enjoyed meeting Stan White and the members of that perennially active chapter.
  • Presented three posters at the 2011 National meeting, one from the Chapter about our Chapter Survey, and two personal posters titled (a) The Science Hall of Fame Quiz, (N.B., answers supplied upon request), and (b) Welcome to the San Diego Collective Science Exploration (cf. link immediately below).
  • Created a web site titled, Welcome to San Diego's Science Exploration as a pilot demonstration about how engineers and scientists should cooperate in exchanging knowledge and research.
  • Our periodic LabNotes are the Chapter leader’s communications to all Chapter members. Here are three examples: New By-Laws,   National & Chapter Update, and  Women in Science and Chapter History.
  • I presented a personal poster at the 2014 meeting about Early Sigma Xi Member Hobbies which was based on my draft Early Sigma Xi Member Hobby Report.
  • Yearly I manage the Chapter Banquet.

Biographical Information: A detailed CV can be found here, however for expediency:
After serving in the US Navy for four years, during which time I received a Letter of Commendation for a rescue at sea, I received subsequent A.A, B.A, M.A, and Ph.D. degrees the latter three in Psychology.  Both my Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation broke new ground, and both were fundamentally statistical.  Although most of my 30+ years’ work experience was in Navy research laboratories, I have taught 25 undergraduate and graduate courses in the Management Departments at California State University—Northridge, University of San Diego, and the University of Southern California. Occasionally I have served as a consultant for organizations such as Disney, San Diego County Department of Education, and a Japanese documentary movie company.  Leadership experience seems fundamental to this position, and my leadership experience began in the Navy, and continued through my academic education, and then into the research labs where I led teams for a wide variety of research projects. 

 The consequence of my background is that I feel comfortable in most organizations where Sigma Xi interacts.  I am enjoying a relaxed later life with three wonderful children and nine grandchildren.  

 Thank you for your consideration of my application.

George Edw. Seymour

George Edw. Seymour's CV