Anthony Lupo

Present Position

Professor, Atmospheric Sciences in the Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences
Department, University of Missouri

Chapter Affiliation

University of Missouri


Anthony  LupoI joined Sigma Xi in 1992 as a graduate student at Purdue University. It has always been an honor for me to be part of this prestigious organization. I had always thought of Sigma Xi as an honor society for American Scientists. I learned that Sigma Xi has international outreach as well when I was at the Russian Academy of Science in 2004, at a time when Sigma Xi was partnering with their organization. I was even more proud to be associated with Sigma Xi as my colleagues at RAS were impressed by our organization. I have been a member of the University of Missouri Chapter since 1998, and served the organization at different times as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Our chapter has gone through cycles of very little activity, to a vibrant local organization, and back again. During the vibrant times we sponsored research and teaching awards on campus, a high school teaching award in the community, co-sponsored seminars and symposia, and won grants from the National Chapter to invite speakers from the outside. Sigma Xi has allowed me to meet colleagues from other disciplines and institutions, and form collaborative research partnerships. Sigma Xi is a valuable part of campus interactions between scientists of different disciplines in an age when research has become interdisciplinary. Today it is crucial that groups like Sigma Xi increase their outreach to the general populace. Additionally, we need to reach out to younger and aspiring scientists and show them the value of their participation in Sigma Xi on our campuses, in spite of the increased demands on their time. Finally, we need to continue to reach out to international partners.  

Sigma Xi and me: I joined Sigma Xi in 1992 and became a Full Member in 1997. Through the years, I have recruited students (both undergraduate and graduate) to Sigma Xi by encouraging them to join the organization and broaden their perspectives by taking advantage of programs Sigma Xi has to offer.  I am currently the treasurer of the University of Missouri Chapter. 

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