HollyAnn Harris

Present Position

Associate Dean for Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Creighton University College of Arts and Sciences; Associate Professor of Chemistry

Chapter Affiliation



HollyAnn Harris

I was inducted into Sigma Xi in 1991 and was immediately impressed by the multi-disciplinary nature of the organization.  Because of this multi- and interdisciplinary nature I believe that Sigma Xi has a unique role to play in the promotion of (or advocacy for) science education, science literacy for non-scientists, science policy, and government science funding.  In order to do so effectively, we must get our own house in order first.  This may involve change and I recognize that change can be uncomfortable.  It is my goal that we, as leaders in the society, work for change in a transparent way that involves all members and minimizes discomfort.

Previous Service to the Society
I have served two terms as the Omaha Chapter President, at two very different times in the health of the chapter.  At the National level, I have served on several committees, including the Committee on Qualifications and Members, the Development Committee, and the Committee on Nominations. Currently I am completing my first term as Associate Director of the MI Constituency.

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