Emma S. Perry

Emma Perry

Present Position

Professor of Marine Biology at Unity College

Chapter Affiliation

None; Member-at-Large

Background Information



Early in my graduate career I won two chapter grants from Sigma Xi each of which moved my research forwards at a time when I really needed the encouragement. Shortly after I earned my doctorate and started my career at Unity College, I received a phone call out of the blue inviting me to read grants for the Sigma Xi’s Grant’s in Aid of Research program. I found the experience so rewarding I immediately joined Sigma Xi and have been reading grants ever since. I have even served of Chair for the GIAR program for six years and remained as reader since. I have found great reward in fostering the scientific enterprise both within and without Sigma Xi and hope to continue to do so for many years.

My efforts in the Membership at Large Constituency would focus on representing the constituency as a whole, working on ways to communicate and foster the scientific enterprise. I feel that effective communication is more important than ever given current issues in society. I’d like to see us all reach out to both each other and to our local and regional communities. Sigma Xi’s mission statement is more relevant and important than ever before – I would do all that I could to help us fulfill our potential.

I am currently the Chair of the Committee on Qualifications and Membership for Sigma Xi, am a past Chair of the Grants in Aid of Research Committee and am a long time member of GIAR. Throughout, I have been a Member at Large. I feel fully able and committed to serve you well if elected.