Tammy A. Maldonado

Director of Research & Doctoral Constituency

Tammy Maldonado

Present Position

Director of STEM Education and Outreach for the Biological Sciences Initiative at the University of Colorado Boulder

Chapter Affiliation

University of Colorado 

Her general research interests include the aging clock and the role of endocrine and neuroendocrine systems in aging, neurodegeneration, neurogenesis and neuroprotection, and the role of reproductive and stress hormone axes in aging. Her research included the neurodegeneration in senescent salmon which exhibit brain pathology similar to that seen in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and reproductive disruption and intersex in white sucker fish downstream of wastewater treatment plants. 

Dr. Maldonado received her Ph.D. in Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology and Neuroscience Certificate from the University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado. 

Tammy A. Maldonado's CV