Director of the Baccalaureate Colleges Constituency

A. Stockert photo webAmy Stockert

Amy Stockert was re-elected as director of the Baccalaureate Colleges Constituency in 2014. She will serve three years, starting July 1, 2015. 

Present Position: Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Ohio Northern University

Chapter Affiliation: Ohio Northern University

Candidate's Statement: After serving as associate director for a portion of my term before being given the opportunity to step up to fill the director position for the Baccalaureate Colleges Constituency, I was able to attend a Board of Directors meeting during a very exciting time for Sigma Xi. This is a time when Sigma Xi is starting a revitalization plan that will restructure to improve where it can and better facilitate it strengths to its members. I was impressed with the dedication and passionate involvement with the directors and am eager to continue with this endeavor as Sigma Xi moves forward. I believe with my leadership experience both as a chapter officer and as associate and director, I am in a position to serve the Society to help carry it into the future. As we move forward, we must not forget our past; we must remember our honored history, our life members, and our prestigious membership and maintain honor as our greatest benefit. However, in this day and age of several societies and so many with financial strain we must also offer some significant benefits beyond the honor to our members. One of the most common reasons I hear as a member decides not to renew is that there are not enough benefits. Part of my responsibility if I am to be elected to a full term as director is to work with baccalaureate colleges to determine what benefits the members want and help communicate that information to the Board during this time of revitalization.  

As I began my career in academia, I was certain that I wanted to gain more administrative experience and Sigma Xi has given me that opportunity. Here I have the opportunity to engage actively as the Society works to excel at what it does best and improve where it falters. I am grateful for all leadership training I have attended and excited about the opportunities that awaited me should I be elected to continue as the director of the Baccalaureate Colleges Constituency for Sigma Xi.  I believe if given the opportunity to serve in this role I will be able to utilize my personal and formal leadership training to help revive regional participation. I believe the provision of quality enrichment experiences dealing with research is the best way to stimulate membership and most importantly membership involvement. If selected as the director, I will dedicate myself to improving the quality of membership in the society.


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