Join the American Scientist Team as a Freelance Editor (Remote)

American Scientist  is the magazine of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Honor Society. The award-winning magazine, founded in 1913, works directly with scientists to help them author general-audience articles about their own peer-reviewed work.

We view our feature articles as conversational explainers with a current news hook. Many of our articles remain accurate, evergreen backgrounders for a field for many years. For these reasons, articles are of interest to students, educators, and researchers alike.

Freelance editors review manuscripts as submitted, develop a first edit, directly contact the author to resolve questions or gather any needed additional information, and incorporate or adjudicate all author changes. We maintain a rapid work pace that relies on quick turnaround times following manuscript assignment.

In addition to an iterative editing process with senior editors, freelance editors develop art plans using artwork provided by the author or from their independent research. Editors meet with American Scientist  art staff, either by phone or video call if not in person, to discuss art options, and may work directly with art staff on custom illustrations that require author input and approval.

Editors also request any multimedia from the author, and suggest as early as possible any multimedia productions or social media outreach that might enhance and complement the article, such as videos, slideshows, or social media engagements.

Please note:  freelance editor is an as-needed position. We keep a record of all interested applicants and will be in touch if we have a project that fits your skills and areas of expertise.

Interested freelance editors should submit a resume, as well as a cover letter describing their relevant editing experience and their topics of editing expertise in scientific fields, at this link. A detailed freelance editor’s guide and style sheet are available upon request.