Chapters of Excellence 2002-2003 Awards

Certificates of Excellence are awarded to chapters for overall outstanding activities during the past fiscal year. The activities highlighted below are among a wide range in which these chapters participated.

The Fairfield University Chapter Seminar Series has helped science students to recognize and appreciate the importance of diversifying their science exposure through attendance at the lectures. The lectures are becoming a part of the culture at Fairfield University. The chapter also held one seminar this year for the chapter's three past GIAR recipients.

The McGill-Montreal Chapter took a field trip to the Canadian Space Agency. The trip covered the Canadian innovation: Canadarm2 and other robotic innovations important for space exploration.

A panel discussion by new and established faculty in the Middle Tennessee State University Chapter described their experiences as women in various scientific disciplines. This event was part of National Women's History Month. The chapter also sponsored two lectures dealing with the financial pressures at research institutions.

The Saint Joseph's University Chapter organized a panel discussion on stem cell that attracted more than 100 people.

Among the outstanding events the University of Denver Chapter sponsored was a talk by Sigma Xi's Young Investigator winner Sherry Yennello.

The University of Georgia Chapter sponsored a panel discussion and information session concerning the Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research program. Three former grant winners gave PowerPoint presentations about their research and described the grant application process. The chapter provided a free lunch to attendees, with pizza donated by a local restaurant.

The University of Texas Medical Branch Chapter provided poster boards and judges for undergraduate and graduate student research symposia on campus. The chapter also provided support for Sigma Xi's Student Research Conference.

The Vassar College Chapter organized the Dutchess County Regional Science Fair in April which had 300 participants from 33 local schools.

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