Chapters of Excellence 2003-2004 Awards

Certificates of Excellence are awarded to chapters for overall outstanding activities during the past fiscal year. The activities highlighted below are among a wide range in which these chapters participated.

Among the many activities of the East Carolina University Chapter this year, the chapter held lunchtime lectures given by members, recognized outstanding research among faculty and graduate students and sponsored a lecture for the community that drew an audience of nearly 200 people.

The Rockefeller Chapter continued to support and honor outstanding high school students that have participated in research internships during the year with an event that included the students, their parents and local dignitaries.

The South Florida Water Management District Chapter offered their members a variety of chapter activities for participation including serving as judges for science fairs, providing expert scientific advice to the media and partaking in a dialogue with members of the Chinese Academy of Science.

A chapter sponsored research day highlighted the activities of the Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Chapter. The chapter also sponsored several lectures and gave awards for outstanding faculty research and outstanding high school teaching.

As part of the revitalization efforts of the Tampa Bay Chapter this past year, the chapter created a panel of past presidents to act as advisors for the chapter, presented four community wide brown bag research lunches and sponsored a lecture by a researcher from NASA on "Journey to Mars - The Latest Developments."

The Tidewater Virginia Chapter hosted a behind the scenes tour of the Virginia Living Museum that attracted both members and their families. The chapter also sponsored a nanotechnology forum that utilized local experts on the topic.

The University of Nebraska Chapter sponsored a graduate student research competition with over 90 students presenting research, instituted a new series of public lectures and presented travel awards to 11 graduate students.

The University of Toledo Chapter celebrated the 25th anniversary of its student research symposium by expanding the event to include a public lecture, plenary lecture, leadership lunch and poster session.

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