Chapters of Excellence 2004-2005 Awards

Certificates of Excellence are awarded to chapters for overall outstanding activities during the past fiscal year. The activities highlighted below are among a wide range in which these chapters participated.

After many years of inactivity, the University of Delaware Chapter has worked hard to re-vitalize, growing steadily through implementation of the Undergraduate Thesis Award and the Student As Teacher Program. The chapter also collaborated with the Thomas Jefferson University Chapter on a joint program about student-led problem-based learning of research ethics, funded by Sigma Xi's first multi-chapter grant.

The Texas A&M University Chapter has a high-quality breadth of programs with excellent chapter participation. In particular, the middle school program with its essay and drawing contest is a promising activity which fulfills educational outreach.

The Ohio State University Chapter has focused on networking and recognition programs at various events. The chapter surveyed its members to tap demographic and employment information and to assess interest level in various chapter activities. Based on this input, the chapter board instituted a regular electronic newsletter and maintained the annual banquet as its primary social activity.

The hardworking Food and Drug Administration Chapter has produced a wide range of public activities promoting research and collaboration with other chapters with a range of audiences. This chapter has also provided great service and support for science fairs and expositions.

Despite its small size, the New Orleans Chapter has good collaboration with other societies in many varied activities. The group also benefits from a very enterprising business outreach committee.

The Charleston Chapter continues to grow with new and varied programs, including Darwin Week. The chapter listserv is a science outreach tool to the local community, with subscription open to all. In addition to Sigma Xi members, the list includes many public school teachers and other educators.

Given its small number of active members, the Southern Oregon Chapterhas shown great activity and steady growth with Friday seminars and other programs. It also collaborates well with AAAS.

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