Chapters of Excellence 2005-2006 Awards

Certificates of Excellence were awarded to the following chapters for exceptional chapter activity, innovative programming and true community leadership during the past year. Nominees were chosen by the Constituency Directors based on Chapter Annual Reports, and winners were selected by the Committee on Qualifications and Membership.

Clemson University Chapter continues its well attended lecture series along with a science as art program. The latter uses visual representations of science and technology that provide a valuable connection between scientists, artists and the general public.

Washington College Chapter offers a wealth of programs, from promoting undergraduate psychology and chemistry research to a fall family day research symposium.

The Alaska Chapter focused on its Alaska Statewide High School Science Symposium/National Junior Science and Humanities Symposia, which has continued to grow through the years.

The University of Toronto Chapter holds an excellent series of public lectures on topics including the Human Body; Tsunami, Geology and Society in Ancient Egypt; and Deep Ocean Ores and Extreme Life.

The SUNY at Oswego Chapter has focused on its students with programs for a regional poster competition, student awards and a trip to Sigma Xi's Annual Meeting, along with its regular chapter programs.

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