Chapters of Excellence 2006-2007 Awards

Certificates of Excellence were awarded to the following chapters for exceptional chapter activity, innovative programming and true community leadership during the past year. Nominees were chosen by the Constituency Directors based on Chapter Annual Reports, and winners were selected by the Committee on Qualifications and Membership.

The Central Arkansas Chapter was commended for continuing their Science in Society Debate program and being involved in judging local science fairs outside of the university

The McGill-Montreal Chapter added a guided tour of the botanical garden and instituted serving pizza after Sigma Xi meeting lectures to encourage student participation this year

The National Institutes of Standards and Technology Chapter is a leader in sponsoring a research day for Postdoctoral researchers (14th Annual event!). They sponsored a NOVA showing of Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius as a way of honoring black scientists during Black History month.

The Oakland University Chapter is small, but they sponsored 18 students to present their research at the national Sigma Xi meeting in Detroit-impressive. They had seven lunch research seminars.

The Kirksville Chapter has provided both internal and external programs. They had seminars presented by a fall and spring researcher of the year. They presented books on women in science to local school libraries. They participated in the judging of local science fairs and presented teacher of the year awards for primary and secondary school teachers. They made science outreach presentations at local schools. But they also had time for a social event and the standard award and initiation dinner with an invited lectureship speaker. Their activities range from ones they have done for greater than 10 years, 6-10 years, 2-3 years and the first year. This reflects a chapter that is healthy and active-and creative. Thank you for setting a wonderful example of well-rounded roster of chapter activities, balancing outreach and things to benefit Sigma Xi members.

The Natick Chapter is small but sponsored a variety of programs and has members involved in many different ways.

The Northern Michigan University Chapter has sponsored student affiliates in organizing a career expo/job fair held in the science building with a variety of area employers in attendance. They also hosted four webcasts by experts in the area of stem cell research.

The University of Colorado Chapter has two events which occur throughout the year: 6 luncheon talks and 11 Café Scientifique-to pull this off requires a chapter with a fairly large nucleus of involved members (and not all are involved in the same things). The group also honors outstanding high school science teachers and students at their award ceremony. New initiatives include becoming more visible on campus with letters to science department chairs (offering to sponsor 10 new grad students for their first year of membership) and reaching out to science coordinators in a local school district.

The University of Minnesota at Duluth Chapter has sponsored lectures on campus. The group has also partnered with other groups on campus and in the community.

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