2004-2005 Chapter Outstanding Program Awards

Program Awards are awarded to chapters that have organized or hosted a single, outstanding program during the past year. Below are highlights from the chapters.

Alaska Chapter Alaska's Statewide High School Science Symposium (ASHSSS) - an educational outreach program in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology and Behavior - celebrated its 19th year with Sigma Xi affiliation. In 2005 an ASHSSS presenter won Third Place and a $2000 scholarship at the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium meeting. The chapter itself recognized speakers in 29 presentations and distributed 87 awards and recognition amounting to $34,400.

Sigma Xi Georgia Partner The Sigma Xi Georgia International Partner helped co-organize a conference of young brain researchers with the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) Georgia Branch. Several Sigma Xi Georgia members were speakers, and participants included undergraduate and graduate students as well as neuroscientists from Tbilisi.

Tidewater Virginia Chapter In conjunction with WHRO-Norfolk and PBS' NOVA scienceNOW, the Tidewater Chapter launched a series of science cafés to foster grassroots dialogue between scientists and the general public. The first Café Scientifique reviewed the segment on stem cell research that had been broadcast on NOVA scienceNOW days earlier. Throughout the evening, the audience had the chance to ask questions of all the scientists in attendance to facilitate a greater understanding of the topic.

Charleston Chapter Darwin Week is a series of public lectures and activities commemorating the birthday of Charles Darwin. Topics included climate instability; evolution and creation; historical geology; teaching about evolution; and cosmology in public schools. Approximately 500 individuals attended the lecture series.

University of Washington Chapter The University of Washington Chapter proposed to institute an Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (UWPA) after the postdoctoral researchers had formed an association. The University of Washington Chapter has given financial support to the UWPA to support their first social event, a picnic for all UW postdocs and their families.