2006-2007 Chapter Outstanding Program Awards

Program Awards were given to the following chapters for organizing and/or hosting a single outstanding program, especially one which other chapters can emulate. Nominees were chosen by the Regional Directors based on Chapter Annual Reports, and winners were selected by the Committee on Qualifications and Membership.

Key policy issues for scientists program earned The District of Columbia Chapter this award. This is a great program - and they involved experts in the area. We encourage the group to share this program with local science teachers and leaders and extending this to a Science Café topic.

National Institute of Standards and Technology Chapter presented a Cinematic Airing of Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius. This was a very well attended event. It tied in with Black History Month. The event featured the NOVA documentary film about the African-American scientist, chemist, and inventor Dr. Percy Julian.

The Northwestern Pennsylvania Chapter is an area group that sponsored a research day at one of the larger schools in the group. It is very successful in terms of the number of participants. The chapter is to be commended for also using the event to present awards to: Faculty research mentor of the year; outstanding high school science/math teacher of the year; and service to Sigma Xi.

The New Mexico Highlands University Chapter sponsored a Student Research Fund Raising Program. This program is a perfect vehicle for involving student and associate Sigma Xi members in chapter activities. The fund may provide up to $400 to an undergraduate or graduate student from any Highlands University field of study and from any College or School, for scientific investigation. All students are eligible. Funds are allocated according to the merits of the proposal, faculty support, and availability of funds. Solicitation of applications and awards are made each semester, including the summer. Students from various disciplines including music, social work, southwest studies, anthropology and life science-natural resource management have received awards.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Chapter held a Post-doc Abstract Competition Poster Session. This is a new twist on the poster session competition. It recognizes the importance of well-written abstracts- which can be the basis for selection of research for presentation at national and international meetings. It cost very little and also allowed them to introduce Sigma Xi to the post-doctoral population at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. This is also a good example of being creative with one's resources!