Sigma Xi Multi-Chapter Grant Program

Application Deadline

March 1, annually.

Funding/Activity Cycle

July 1 through June 30 annually, following the March 1 deadline.


Chapters are both the backbone of Sigma Xi and its "hearth and home" for so many members around the world. Recognizing this, the Society encourages collaborative activities between chapters, which further its mission: "To enhance the health of the research enterprise, foster integrity in science and engineering, and promote the public's understanding of science for the purpose of improving the human condition."

The Multi-Chapter Grant Program funds qualifying collaborations at a maximum of $1,000 annually for a two-year activity run ($2,000 total per collaboration). Up to two new distinct multi-chapter initiatives will be funded each year, based on their comparative merits (see Selection Criteria below). Chapters in good standing from all Constituencies and Regions are invited to participate. Chapters need not have geographical proximity to one another to qualify for funding, and collaborative activities may be "in-person" or "virtual" (i.e., Internet-based). The Program guidelines are intended to be sufficiently broad and flexible to spur a wide range of proposed activities. 

The review committee will evaluate applications based on the following criteria:

  • Benefit to the Society as a whole,

  • Contribution to chapters’ overall health and vitality,

  • Enhanced value to chapters members,

  • Level of innovation,

  • Additional funding beyond what Sigma Xi might award (Note: Matching funds are not required), and 

  • Sustainability measures to ensure the collaboration’s activities continue beyond the two years of Multi-Chapter Grant funding.

A follow-up report will be required of all grant winners at the end of each funding phase. Priority will be given to collaborations that align with one or more of the following mission-driven themes and program areas:

  • Develop the science and engineering workforce from career selection through career growth and advancement,

  • Promote diversity among the ranks of scientists and engineers,

  • Promote the ethical practice of scientific and engineering research,

  • Promote international cooperation in the research sector,

  • Enhance the public understanding of science, engineering and technology,

  • Contribute to civic discourse at the intersection of science and society by engaging Sigma Xi members in such discourse.

Grant Application 

For the grant application, please be prepared to address the following:

  • Summary - Describe the purpose, objectives, activities, evaluation procedures, and anticipated number of participants of the multi-chapter collaboration. Evaluation procedures should capture information sufficient to judge whether the collaboration’s objectives were accomplished. Please indicate alignment of this activity with Sigma Xi’s mission, vision and culture.
  • Collaboration Details - Please address the following questions in preparing the application:
  1. How will the collaboration benefit the Society as a whole?
  2. How will the collaboration contribute to chapters’ overall health and vitality?
  3. How will the collaboration provide enhanced value to chapters members?
  4. How innovative is the proposed collaboration?
  5. What additional funding will this collaboration have, beyond what Sigma Xi might award?
  6. What sustainability measures are in place to ensure the collaboration’s activities continue beyond the two-year lifespan of Sigma Xi’s Multi-Chapter Grant?
  7. Indicate the alignment, if any, of this collaboration with the Sigma Xi mission-driven themes and program areas of professional development, diversity, ethical practice, international cooperation, and/or communicating science to the public
  8. Explain generally how the Multi-Chapter Grant funds will be used.
  • Requested Budget - Present your overall budget for the multi-chapter collaboration.
  • Collaboration Cost Sharing - Percent of the total budget coming from: 
  1. The collaborating chapters
  2. Multi-Chapter Grant by Sigma Xi
  3. Other sources? (list each of them)

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