Chapters Toolkit

Though being a Sigma Xi chapter leader is extraordinarily fulfilling, it can also be challenging in our increasingly busy world.  The goal of the updated toolkit is to offer support and guidance to those of you in chapter leadership roles.  The staff at Sigma Xi strives to make your job as easy and enjoyable as possible.  Whatever your goals, whatever your chapter status, we on the staff are here to help you, so we encourage you to call on us any time. 

Good Standing of Chapters

Chapters in Good Standing are eligible for local support payments from Sigma Xi, which can be used to fund chapter programs and events.  

Best Practices for Chapters

Chapter Development Workshops

Chapter representatives presented on different topics at our 2019 Annual Meeting.  These Chapter Development Workshops were recorded:

Chapter Finances
Managing a Healthy Chapter
Chapter Program Showcase

Chapter Chat Series

Throughout 2020, Sigma Xi staff and chapter leaders will be discussing best practices for chapter management through a series of live chapter chats.  Each interactive Chapter Chat will cover a different topic relevant to the timing within the Sigma Xi fiscal year, and will be recorded and posted here.

Chapter Chat 1 - Finding Qualified Individuals for Nomination to Membership
Chapter Chat 2 - Filing a Chapter Annual Report
     Powerpoint Slides to Accompany Chapter Chat 2
Chapter Chat 3 - Chapter Finances
     Powerpoint Slides to Accompany Chapter Chat 3

Annual Reporting

Each year, both the Chapter Annual and Treasurer's reports go live on or around July 1. Chapters are requested to submit their reports on or before August 15 if they would like to be nominated for a chapter award. Annual reports offer a snap shot of each chapter and are used to evaluate the health of a chapter in terms of membership, good standing status, activities...etc.


The Governance page contains information on chapter organization, chapter bylaws, and responsibilities of chapter officers.

Financial Practices 

Visit the Financial Practices page for information on local support, local dues, setting up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in addition to information on IRS compliance.