Sigma Xi's 114th Assembly of Delegates and 2013 Annual Meeting
Science Communication in the 21st Century


Assembly of Delegates: Communicating Science in the 21st Century

The tumblr blogsphere, the twitter sphere, facebook, vlogs, microblogs and other internet realms make us reconsider who is a scientist, how we do science, how we communicate science, how we share it, how we authenticate it, who owns it and how we co-create it. Social media technologies are giving rise to a lively scientific discourse that takes us into unfamiliar space. How we inhabit that space and how it shifts endlessly are intriguing questions that call into account everything we've ever learned about the culture of science. Enter the portal with us at the annual meeting and travel beyond established pathways. Let's engage, as Captain Picard says! 

In order to make the Annual Meeting more accessible and cost-effective, we are holding the meeting virtually.  Members may join chapter delegates and attend the 2013 Meeting online.

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Virtual presentation of the 114th Sigma Xi Assembly of Delegates and Annual Meeting with featured speakers from the Communicating Science in the 21st Century panel.

Society Governance

General Assemblies involve all delegates in discussions and conduct voting on matters of Society business. 
Society Elections begins on November 11, 2013 following the Assembly of Delegates.

Featured Panelists:  Communicating Science in the 21st Century
In addition to the governance, the 2013 Annual Meeting features invited panelists.

2013 Panelists


Bethany Brookshire
Science Blogger


Danielle Lee
Biologist, and Outreach Scientist


Dennis Meredith
Sigma Xi Publications Committee


Corey S. Powell
American Scientist


Rosalind Reid
Executive Director
Council for the Advancement of Science Writing


Jamie Vernon
ORISE Fellow
Department of Energy

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