Sigma Xi 2016 Student Research Showcase

Math & Computer Science

Eric Solender230x175Can Concussions be Diagnosed Using the Microsoft Kinect and Machine Learning?
Eric Solender, Urbana High School

The presentation on the website is an overview of the entire project which includes a video, graphs, and explanations of how the system works.  

Manan Shah230x175Disease Propagation in Social Networks - A Novel Study of Infection Genesis and Spread on Twitter
Manan Shah, The Harker School

We holistically characterize disease spread using Twitter, with the aim of ascertaining the efficacy of the social media tool in modeling infectious illness frequency.

Matthew Stern230x193Audio Classification of Humans in Distress
Matthew Stern, The Bronx High School of Science

This project identifies and locates people in distress using audio classification to aid in rescue efforts.

Pranav Upadhyayula220x175Implementing Artificial Intelligence and the Theory of Mind for Intuitive, Rational, and Inferential Communicative Acts Involving Deeply Nested Layers of Rationality
Pranav Upadhyayula, University of Illinois at Chicago

I implemented the Theory of Mind using artificially intelligent algorithms in order to infer intention from user input and determine the action with the greatest utility using MARTHA.  

Sushil Upadhyayula230x175Implementing an AI Query Interpreter to Enhance Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Sushil Upadhyayula, University of Illinois at Chicago

I designed, created, and evaluation a Question-Answering Component of an Intelligent Tutoring System, in Java, that answers student queries using a point-based and keyword-based system.  


Next Generation Internet of Things (IoT) - Connecting Brain Computer Interface (BCI) with IoT
Shambhavi Badi, Plano East High School

I demonstrate direct neural control of Internet of Things (IoT) using neural signals obtained from a Brain Computer Interface (BCI).