Sigma Xi 2017 Student Research Showcase

Physiology & Immunology

Ariana EilyUnderstanding Nutrient Exchange in the Azolla-Nostoc Symbiosis
Ariana Eily, Duke University 

My research combines genomics, phylogenetics, gene expression analysis, and microscopy to understand how Azolla and Nostoc exchange nutrients with each other to create such a “win-win” relationship.  

Nithee PatelNest Microclimate and Size Correlation with Avian Development
Nithee Patel, Islands High School

Nest temperature is a crucial factor to the survival of fledglings. Temperature fluctuation can negatively impact the growth and development of songbird nestlings. We recorded temperatures inside the nest cup of a Carolina Chickadee (Poecile carolinensis) for 32 days using a thermocouple and data logger (Lascar EL­USB­TC). 

Nithin ParsanAntimicrobial Effect of Ozone on Oral Microbiota
Nithin Parsan, William P. Clements High School

My research proves that Ozone can be used as a natural and effective alternative to harmful oral disinfectants in dental procedures to sterilize oral surfaces.

 Sushil UpadhyayulaExploring Differential Gene Expression in CD4+ T-Cells to    Elucidate Pathways and Subsets Involved in Rheumatoid  Arthritis
 Sushil Upadhyayula, Illinois Math and Science Academy

Responsible for immune response against “intruders”, CD4+ T cells are vital to human immune function. We not only find that these cells display novel heterogeneity upon stimulation but also discover that this heterogeneity is linked to risk for Rheumatoid Arthritis.