Hear from Young Scientists at Sigma Xi's 2014 International Research Conference

Ten students were selected to be interviewed about the research projects they presented at the 2014 Sigma Xi International Research Conference. The students were placed in divisions including high school, undergraduate, or graduate. The categories were multidisciplinary, ranging from astronomy, chemistry, engineering, physiology, and many others. Learn more from the students who were interviewed in their audio interviews, abstracts, and other general information below:

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Iwnetim Abate, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, Undergraduate DivisionLinkedIn

"A fuel cell is a device that converts hydrogen/hydrocarbon into electrical energy. And the goal of my research was to increase the performance of the fuel cell by coating with metals that could increase the conductivity of electrons."

Engineering (Poster Abstract ENG-06): "Fabrication and Characterization of Metal-Patterned SrCo0.9Nb0.1O3-δ Thin Film Cathodes with Well-Defined Geometry."

Listen to Iwnetim discuss his research:

Lina_AlaydiLina Alaydi, Nova Southeastern University, Graduate Division

"My research is about studying the feasibility of using dipiverfrin, a prodrug of epinephrine, for sublingual administration of first aid treatment of anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is actually a series of reactions, hypersensitivity reactions, that occurs once the person is re-exposed to certain antigens.

Chemistry (Poster Abstract CHM-05)"Development And Validation Of RP-HPLC Method Using Photo Diode Array Detection For Simultaneous Quantification Of Dipivefrin And Its Active Metabolites Co-eluting In Pharmaceutical Samples."

Listen to Lina discuss her research:

Gwen_DonleyPicGwendolyn Donley, The Ohio State University, Undergraduate Division

"I was examining the influence that genes might have on physical stress in American Samoans. So I looked at if people who had certain versions of genes were at risk for higher physical stress...And then next I looked at associations between that and age, sex, and education to try to determine other associations."

Behavioral & Social Sciences (Poster Abstract BSS-02)"Genetic and Social Factors Influence Allostatic Load in American Samoans."

Listen to Gwendolyn discuss her research:

Carl_FieldsMedalIconCarl Fields, Arizona State University, Undergraduate DivisionTwitterIconsm

"The goal is to get a better idea of how many stars end their lives as supernovae, or carbon-oxygen white dwarfs, or neon white dwarfs, which would basically have different properties once they end their lives in what we see in everyday observational astronomy."

Physics & Astronomy (PHA-09)"The Evolution of Carbon Burning Flames Inside Super-Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars."

Listen to Carl discuss his research:

Adrienne_GodschalxMedalIconAdrienne Godschalx, Portland State University, Graduate DivisionTwitterIconsm

"I study how nitrogen-fixing bacteria affect plant defense, specifically how one mutualism, or beneficial relationship between two organisms, affects another mutualism. The other mutualism that is in this plant is a plant-defense mutualism. That is where plants will attract ants using something call extrafloral nectar...not for the sake of pollination, instead to attract plant 'bodyguards.' So aggressive behavior from ants helps the plants survive because they protect them from herbivores, or consumers."

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (Poster Abstract EEB-01)"Rhizobia Decrease Indirect Defense of Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus): Less Extrafloral Nectar and Fewer Ants."

Listen to Adrienne discuss her research:

Bich_NguyenMedalIconBich Nguyen, Mercer University, Graduate DivisionTwitterIconsm

"My research topic is about orthopedic biomechanics, so I investigated the way to increase fixation strength for long bone fractures...One of the ways is to use a system of plate and screw to fixate the long bone. My method study is to study the angle configuration, so changing the mechanic which in turn changing the geometry of the screw. And then I study the effects of changing that mechanics—will it have an effect on the fixation system as a whole?"

Engineering (Poster Abstract ENG-02)"Biomechanical Effects Of Angled Screw Placement On The Fixation Stability Of Long Bone Shaft Fractures."

Listen to Bich discuss her research:

Khashayar_PouriranKhashayar Pouriran, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Undergraduate DivisionTwitterIconsm

"This is about the people who are trying to learn English and find out between American, Australian, and British accent, which accent is the easiest for them to adapt and learn, and their attitude towards the accent. When they have a positive attitude, it brings them motivation, and when they have the motivation it makes it much faster and easier for them to learn the new language."

Behavioral & Social Sciences (Poster Abstract BSS-07)"The Analysis of Iranian EFL Learners' Acquisition of the American, British and Australian Accents."

Listen to Khashayar discuss his research:

Amy_SiebertAmy Siebert-McKenzie, Oakland University, Graduate Division

"My project involves the identification and characterization of the Actr2 gene in the modification of thrombosis susceptibility. And the reason that we are trying to do this is so we can gain a better understanding of the events leading to and from thrombosis in an effort to potentially derive novel therapeutic strategies or targets."

Cell Biology & Biochemistry (Poster Abstract CBB-16)"Identification and Characterization of Actr2 as a Major Thrombosis Modifier Gene in the Mouse."

Listen to Amy discuss her research:

Jin_YunJin-Ho Yun, University of Kansas, Graduate DivisionTwitterIconsmLinkedIn

"Algae is a green plant-like organism growing in the water... Basically you can grow algae in wastewater sources, and they utilize excess carbon sources in the air. So by growing algae in the wastewater sources you can get some environmental benefits and also get an energy source. Particularly I am working on macroalgae, which is bigger algae than the small, microalgae. Unlike microalgae, there's less energy cost in harvesting the bigger biomass, and the watering cost is smaller for the macroalgae, as well."

Environmental Sciences (Poster Abstract ENV-03): "Filamentous Freshwater Macroalgae as an Alternative Biofuels Feedstock."

Listen to Jin discuss his research:

David_ZhuDavid Zhu, Yale University, Graduate DivisionTwitterIconsm
"We built a smartphone application to measure shoulder and elbow range of motion. Range of motion is important in orthopedics and in clinical settings because that's what really determines your diagnosis and your functionality so getting an accurate and quick way of measuring range of motion is extremely important."

Physiology & Immunology (Poster Abstract PSI-02)"Accuracy and Validity of Shoulder Range of Motion Measurements Using a Novel Smartphone Goniometer."

Listen to David discuss his research:

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